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Summer at Audley Climbing Centre – Audley


Why not try our Summer climbing at Audley (ages 4-14)

Why do kids love climbing so much and why is climbing so good for children?

Climbing is an all round sport, activity and form of exercise which uses every muscle in the body, and many, many parts of the brain! Climbing is awesome for children and kids love climbing, so you won’t have to drag them away from their computer game to get them to the Audley Climbing Centre. Our climbing walls have all the thrills they need! If your child has not yet managed to engage with sport or exercise in general then it is likely that climbing will be the key, so keep reading!

If you have been worried that your child spends a little too much time with eyes glued to a screen, be it a smart phone, computer, tablet or the TV, then you’re going to want to try climbing.

When you face a climbing wall, all outside influences wash away and leave your head clear and ready for the task at hand. Climbing a wall requires focus and concentration.  Children learn very fast that if they must pay attention if they want to progress. They also see very early on that belaying (managing the rope for the climber) is of paramount importance and they are responsible for someone else’s life (fret not, all ropes in instructed sessions are also held by an instructor). While the goals we set ourselves in climbing are very personal, we must work together as a team to ensure we are 100% safe. The bond created between climbers introduces great teamwork and trust from a very young age.

Climbing a wall teaches children great hand, feet and eye coordination. They must look, plan and then move their hands and feet to the chosen spot. This awareness can then be transferred to all other aspects of life and to other sports. It is also a great way to reinforce the understanding of left and right!

Every route on the climbing wall is a puzzle that needs working out. Problem solving requires patience, planning and analysis in order to successfully crack the code. Many new, beginner climbers, tend to approach each problem as they climb the route but as they progress, climbers learn to visualise the route they will take, what hand and foot will be placed where and work out the roughest part of the climb (the crux) before they set out.

When children can set their own goals and then continually keep pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve them – it creates great self esteem. The height can be a limiting factor for some children, but working together, building trust and confidence step by step, will help overcome fears. Once your children have overcome some of these fears they will be mentally strong and able to handle what comes their way in other aspects of their lives. It can take children a long time to find their ‘thing’/ something which they can really shine at. Climbing, with its endless challenges and possibilities, allows kids to set and achieve goals every time they come to the climbing wall.

Climbing is so much fun that children and adults do not even realise that it is exercise! With so much focus and concentration on achieving the goals they set themselves will allow them to forget any concerns they have about their body. With time, the sport builds body confidence, self awareness in addition to physical strength.

These incredible outcomes and benefits of climbing speak for themselves, but if you need a little more convincing, read on to find out what other people have to say…

The amount of goals you can set yourself is limitless. Setting individual goals and meeting them gives you a great sense of achievement, which in turn can help build everyday self-confidence.’ NHS 

Climbing requires a lot of problem solving, mental concentration and focus, so it helps sharpen your brain. A lot of people like it as it allows you to escape everyday worries and just focus on the climb.  It also can give a great sense of achievement.’ The British Mountaineering Council

Kids acquire all kinds of positive skills. Because climbing requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output, less athletic kids often shine, surprising even themselves. Kids also learn problem solving. Climbing is a puzzle to unlock, sometimes requiring the ability to back off, look at the route anew, and start again.’‘ Portland Family 

Our Summer of fun runs July-September

Summer at Underbank Activity Centre – Yorkshire.

Between woodland and the magical Peak District, find yourself in just a small piece of heaven when you visit Underbank Activity Centre. We take you on lifetime experiences in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Our Summer events are available for ages 7-16 and run from July – September 2017 offering…

  • Raft Building & Orienteering,
  • Watersports Challenge Day,
  • Canoeing & Catapults/Rockets,
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Climbing,
  • Land-Based Challenge Day,
  • Climbing & Archery, Canoeing & Bushcraft,
  • Kayaking & High Ropes,
  • Land-Based Challenge Day,
  • Bushcraft  and loads more…

Call us on 01782 722226  or visit our Facebook page:

 £25 per person, per day

 FREE Breakfast Club

 Packed Lunch for only £3 extra! Choice of ham/cheese sandwich, crisps, fruit, drink and chocolate per person

Here’s what your day will look like:

Breakfast Club: 8.30am

Drop Off: 8.30am-9am

Activities: 9am-3pm

Pick Up: 3pm-3.30pm

Optional Late Stay Available (up to 5.30pm): +£5.50


5 days for the price of 4 when you book a whole week!

Underbank Activity Centre, Underbank Reservoir, Oaks Lane, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 4GH

7 Wall Climbing Tips For Beginners

If you’re thinking of sorting out mobile climbing wall hire for a party or corporate event of some kind, sending out a few emails or messages with advice and handy hints for novices might be a good idea. Here are a few that might help your friends and colleagues out when it comes to reaching the summit of the mobile climbing wall!

Engage your core

Core strength is one of the most important factors to consider when wall climbing. You might think it’s all about upper body strength but if you’ve done yoga or Pilates before you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Keep your arms straight

Being good at climbing, whether it’s up a wall or up a mountain, is all about being efficient so you don’t tire out easily. It’s easier to climb up when your arms are straight, but try and keep your legs bent so the lower part of your body can help push you upwards.

Look before you leap

Before you even start, try and work out a route to the top so you aren’t left hanging trying to figure out just where to go next.

Warm up

You wouldn’t run a race without stretching first and so too should you not head up the wall without limbering up. Go for a short jog to get your pulse racing, then start stretching your fingers, wrists and elbows. Move on to your neck, shoulders, legs, hips, ankles and back, but remember to put extra focus on your upper body. Check out this video for even more tips.