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Contact us today

or call us on    01782 722226 to discuss your requirements.

October half-term at Trafford

If you are looking for something in Manchester to do this October half-term – look no further…For ages 7-16 years of age.
Situated at Sale Water Park, Trafford Watersports Centre is the location in Manchester for canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, and stand-up-paddle boarding. So come along and make a splash!

Our activities are fantastic fun, confidence building and great exercise – why not try:

Monday 23rd October – Archery and Raft building

Tuesday 24th October – Kayaking and Orienteering

Wednesday 25th October – Canoeing and Bushcrafts

Thursday 26th October – Kayaking and Archery

Friday 27th October – Orienteering and Canoeing

Full days of adventure starting at 9am – 3pm all in Sale, Cheshire.

To book contact: 01782 722226 – only £25 per day and book 4 days/ get 1 FREE


Half term climbing at Audley

Rock climbing in the Staffordshire area isn’t just for grown-ups. We want even our smallest family members to benefit from the heart healthy, confidence boosting workouts available at Peak Pursuits, and our indoor rock climbing walls are a great entertainment and fitness value for kids of all ages. Here are 4 ways your kids will benefit from the rock climbing walls at Peak Pursuits

Build Confidence and Overcome Fear

Growing up can be scary business! Allowing kids to move outside of their comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment will serve to build confidence, promote self esteem, and teach kids that overcoming fear is a healthy part of life. The rock climbing walls at Audley are designed with safety in mind and offer all the latest safety gear, so even slips and mistakes can be a valuable and fun learning experience.

Nurture Problem Solving Skills

With so many different routes to the top of the ‘mountain,’ kids get the opportunity to test out their problem solving skills, and learn how to negotiate the smoothest route to victory. Indoor rock climbing is a great puzzle to be solved, and kids have fun trying to figure out the best way to navigate the path to the top. Stretching little minds toward creative solutions is great practice for facing challenges on the path of life.

Core Strength and Flexibility are Built-In

Climbing walls require strength, flexibility, and coordination to successfully manoeuvre. Practising the skills to ascend a rock climbing wall naturally builds a functional, core-driven skill set that helps aid in all other sports kids may want to play. From football to rugby, and tennis to swimming, core strength and flexibility are a valuable part of playing safe and injury free.

Stay Fit While Having More Fun!

Rock climbing gyms are just plain fun! It’s not only like a giant puzzle that just begs to be solved, indoor rock climbing is hard work too! This low impact, endurance-style workout is easy on the joints, and helps keeps kids moving and burning energy while they rise to the challenge, pulling, lifting, twisting, and stretching their way to a lifetime of fitness.

If you want to get your kids involved in a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, or just want to help them get some exercise this October, visit one of our climbing venues featuring a rock climbing wall, and get the kids started on a fun, challenging routine of rock climbing that will help them grow and develop, while having a blast at the same time!

Make rock climbing for kids your next adventure with Peak Pursuits.

Come and try it at Audley Climbing Centre this October half-term October 23rd-29th – for further information please call 01782 722226 or visit our Facebook page




Family climbing activity at Fox Valley shopping centre

Climbing activity at Fox Valley

7 Oct 2017

Climbing activity at Fox Valley

Come down 7th October to have a go on Peak Pursuits at Fox Valley – this is for kids (big and small!) love the challenge of the rockface and are sure to have plenty of fun in the process. The mobile climbing wall can be used to develop communication, trust, leadership and motivation.

• No previous experience required.

• 6 metres high.

• Capacity 4 at a time.

• Quick set up.

• Staffed by Peak Pursuits.

• Suitable for adults and children.

Come down from 11 am – 4 pm to join in the fun this Saturday
Find out more here

October half-term at Astbury Water Sport Centre

Are you looking for things to do for your 7-16 year old, this October half term break?

Astbury Water Sports Centre is your answer – visit the home of watersports in Congleton, located at Astbury Mere Country Park. We have 5 days of fun, adventure and laughs off the water – try den making, bushcrafts, camp fires, team task, navigation and load more…

What’s on.

23rd-27th October – 9:00-15:00

With so much to choose from, we’re more than happy to deliver your perfect water or land-based pursuits.

To book please call 01782 722226 Mon-Fri (9:30-17:00) £25 per day.

 ** Special Offer -book 4 days, get 1 extra FREE.**

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4 Things To Do In Stoke On Trent

If you’re planning a fun day out for you and your family, what could be better than looking for things to do in Stoke on Trent? You might not have considered Stoke as a place to whisk the family off to but there’s an awful lot to see and do here, so you certainly won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll want to come back again and again! Here are a few ideas for fun days out in Stoke.

World of Wedgwood

Come here to see some of the very best examples of incredible British craftmanship. The Wedgwood collection is one of the most important industrial collections in the whole world, spanning more than 250 years of ceramic production. Not to be missed!

Trentham Monkey Forest

Big and little kids alike will have an absolute blast here. This is actually the only place in the UK where you can walk around with 140 Barbary macaques here, there and everywhere. The woodland is beautiful and the monkeys roam free so you’re sure to see some hilarious sights.

Rudyard Lake

For some of the finest scenery in the Staffordshire Moorlands, you’ve got to visit Rudyard Lake. It covers an impressive 168 acres, is more than 2.5 miles long and actually started off life as a reservoir back in 1797. It’s also where Rudyard Kipling’s parents first met – hence the name!

Foxfield Railway

In need of an idea for a family afternoon out? Hop on board a historic steam engine and go on a five-mile round trip through some of the best countryside in Staffordrshire.

The Benefits Of Rock Climbing.

The Benefits Of Rock Climbing.


There are a whole lot of benefits to rock climbing as a hobby.  It’s such a fun thing to do, and learning about the health benefits, as well as the psychological and emotional ones too, you’ll want to start doing it too.

Rock climbing can be described as any situation where you’re ‘climbing’ up a rock. It could be at a climbing gym, a mountain side or a natural rock climbing location, or a ‘bouldering’ spot which is rock climbing, only it’s done sideways as opposed to climbing up. (It’s more focused on low to the ground movements). Anyway, let’s move on.

Some benefits of rock climbing

There are many benefits of this sport, but they’re not all physical. Some of the perks are actually emotional and psychological. I’ll explain them all so you can get a better understanding of why rock climbing is so good for you.

Physical benefits of rock climbing

Rock climbing is a difficult sport.

You’re required to use your strength to cling to the wall and often times you are holding most of your muscles in a static hold, constantly tensed. You should aim to be as relaxed as possible to get better at climbing, but sometimes you can’t and it’s very hard work. This is a good thing.

Here are some notable physical benefits of climbing:

  1. Stronger arms.Your arms will become stronger the more you climb, this is because your arms are used to traverse the climbing wall or face. Your grip strength will increase dramatically after just a few weeks of climbing.
  2. Stronger Shoulders.Of course your shoulders are part of your arms, but the strength you’ll gain in your shoulders is important. You’ll develop nice toned shoulders, as this muscle group is used to keep you stable on the wall.
  3. More powerful Thigh muscles.Your legs will become more toned, although this isn’t one of the main muscles that will become stronger. Your legs are used to push you up fro leg holds and further up the wall, but it’s not a ‘very strenuous’ workout for them.
  4. Stronger Back and neck.Your neck will develop stronger muscle groups around it because you’re always looking around you and up and down as you climb. The nature of the sport also means your back gets  nice workout too!
  5. I had to mention this one, because I love this muscle! Forearms, specially on a man look great when they’re toned, and your strength here will increase a LOT.
  6. Improved Cardio.Because it’s a low impact cardio exercise, your breathing and heart rate will improve as well as your stamina etc..

And every other muscle group (pretty much).

It’s a full body workout and can improve your strength, endurance and speed in most muscle groups on your body. The nature of the exercise forces you to use your entire body to climb the wall, not just your upper body. Many people think it’s just about having strength in your arms, but it’s not.

You don’t usually see a monkey climb with arms bent as if it’s doing a pullup, do you? They have straight arms because they know the most efficient way to climb is with straight arms and by using their whole body. they use momentum, legs and their core muscles to swing and propel themselves higher.

Oh, there are more benefits by the way..

Psychological/emotional benefits of rock climbing

Climbing is a full body workout, meaning your head as well.

It doesn’t just keep your muscles fit, but it also stimulates and improves your cognitive ability, problem solving, confidence etc. Let’s look at the mental benefits of rock climbing.

  1. Better goal setting.To climb rocks you must set goals and move towards them. We’ve already talked about why that’s important in life.
  2. You’re more aware of yourself.It requires you to be more aware of the space around you, and how you’re moving your body through it.
  3. It can relieve stress.When you’re climbing, nothing else matters. It’s much the same effect that skydiving has on you, because you’re so focused on the moment and what you’re doing right now, you don’t have time to worry about things like work or bills. It’s an antistress device!
  4. More confidence.If you can climb up a mountain, you can do anything. Things that seemed like a big deal before, (public speaking, confrontation, job interviews) now don’t seem hardly as daunting.
  5. Better perseverance.When you’re climbing you always want to get to the top, and you’ll keep trying to get there. That’s what makes it such a good sport because it teaches you life skills as well as giving you a workout.

There are a whole lot more benefits to rock climbing, but I’m just covering a few here. It’s sort of an introduction to the sport if you didn’t know about the benefits, and I’ll probably do a few more posts about the sport when I get back into it in the coming weeks. Oh, I almost forgot.

This is probably my favourite part about rock climbing (Apart from getting thick, strong forearms!)..

The very important reason! – It’s YOU vs YOURSELF

Just like in other areas of life, often it’s just you vs yourself. You’re the one who normally holds you back in most things, and learning that through rock climbing will show you that in other aspects of life, you can often remove limitations by just stepping outside of them.

The point is, rock climbing is about you challenging and pushing yourself, so it makes you stop thinking about competing and getting approval for others (Unless of course, you’re actually competing in a rock climbing competition!).

It pushes you and makes you want to achieve more, and that’s a skill that’s useful not only on the climbing wall, but in every aspect of your life.

Try it this Summer!