High Ropes

Take on our unique treetop obstacle courses at Trentham and Trafford. Or take a leap of faith along with an epic zip line at Underbank Activity Centre.

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High Ropes

Treetop Adventures:

Embark on an adventure through the treetops by exploring a challenging obstacle course of swinging tyres, wobbly bridges, rope webs and more.

We have 2 Treetop courses in the UK:

Both courses are totally unique so even if you have done one, you haven’t done them all!

The Trentham course ends with an exhilarating fan drop whereas the Trafford course sees you exit the course in style on a rapid zip-line.

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Underbank Activity Centre:

Participants face a two part challenge; Leap of Faith & Zip Line.

Participants challenge their fear of heights through building their confidence, determination and adrenaline to take a simple jump for a trapeze over 10m in the air and go flying down our 50m zip line.

This activity has been designed to introduce you to the heights of climbing, the perception of taking risks but in a safe environment with fully qualified instructors and equipment. Participants will develop communication skills when showing support for other team members.

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