Peak Education

Peak Education has recently been developed as an independent school due to a need in the local area for this specialist type of provision.

The original company of Peak Pursuits has specialised in helping children and young people to reach their potential and exceed their expectations since 2000. This company have over 10 years experience of delivering alternative packages, bespoke social development programmes and working with disengaged and challenging young people. They have a wide ranging list of satisfied clients.

Peak Pursuits have used this expertise to form Peak Education as a separate entity and a free standing independent school, new for 2011.

Vision Statement
We aim to provide students with a range of opportunities which allow them to experience success and to develop social skills thus enabling students who are appropriate to be reintroduced into mainstream education and to fulfil their potential.

Students who attend Peak Education are largely disaffected from the school curriculum and may have a history of underachievement, poor behaviour and erratic school attendance. At Peak Education, we believe that all students have a right to receive an education which fits their individual needs and that the curriculum that we offer ensures that every student will have ongoing experience of success and achievement. We also believe that education needs to take into account the wider social and emotional needs of each student and recognise that unless such needs can be addressed, the students are unlikely to achieve fully the academic progress of which they are capable.

We aim to ensure that all students and their parents/carers are made to feel welcome. We take pride in the atmosphere and believe that students will achieve their best if treated firmly but fairly, feel valued and listened to and their needs are taken into account as fully as possible.