Summer at Astbury Water Sports Centre – Congleton

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Visit the home of watersports in Congleton for our Summer of Fun. Enjoy a summer of adventure, fun and exploration at Astbury. Choose Peak Pursuits for your unforgettable summer!

Booking Information
 Open to 7-16 year olds
 £25 per person, per day
 FREE Breakfast Club
 Packed Lunch for only £3 extra!
Choice of ham/cheese sandwich, crisps, fruit, drink and chocolate per person ADVANCED BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

5 days for the price of 4 when you book a whole week!
Call 01782 722226 to book now! Visit for more info.
Astbury Water Sports Centre, Newcastle Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4HL

Week 1
Monday 24th July – Watersports Challenge Day
Tuesday 25th July – Canoeing & Catapults/Rockets
Wednesday 26th July – Navigation & Hot Chocolate
Thursday 27th July – Land-Based Challenge Day
Friday 28th July – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Orienteering

Week 2
Monday 7th August – Team Challenges & Raft Building
Tuesday 8th August – Bushcraft & Canoeing
Wednesday 9th August – Kayaking & Canoeing
Thursday 10th August – Watersports Challenge Day
Friday 11th August – Canoeing & Catapults/Rockets

Week 3
Monday 31st July – Navigation & Hot Chocolate
Tuesday 1st August – Land-Based Challenge Day
Wednesday 2nd August – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Orienteering
Thursday 3rd August – Team Challenges & Raft Building
Friday 4th August – Bushcraft & Canoeing

Week 4
Monday 14th August – Kayaking & Canoeing
Tuesday 15th August – Watersports Challenge Day
Wednesday 16th August – Canoeing & Catapults/Rockets
Thursday 17th August  – Navigation & Hot Chocolate
Friday 18th August – Land-Based Challenge Day

Week 5
Monday 21st August – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Orienteering
Tuesday 22nd August – Team Challenges & Raft Building
Wednesday 23rd August – Bushcraft & Canoeing
Thursday 24th August – Kayaking & Canoeing
Friday 25th August – Watersports Challenge Day

Week 6
Monday 28th August – Canoeing & Catapults/Rockets
Tuesday 29th August – Navigation & Hot Chocolate
Wednesday 30th August – Land-Based Challenge Day
Thursday 31st August – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Orienteering
Friday 1st September – Team Challenges & Raft Building




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