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About Us

At Peak Pursuits, we pride ourselves on delivery, quality and personality!

We currently have 4 centres, delivering amazing adventures:
-Audley Climbing Centre
-Trafford Water Sports Centre
-Astbury Water Sports Centre
-Underbank Activity Centre

With so many activities to choose from, we couldn’t hold back from offering birthday parties and the gift of Peak.

Since 2000, we have helped thousands of people scale the heights and reach their peak, whatever it may be.

With a team of fun, enthusiastic and highly qualified individuals, we only deliver the best customer service and give you a time to rememember!

With tailored programmes to suit you we prioritise your aims and desired results and wrap them into a great adventure package.

We are also a member of the British Safety Council.



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Peak Pursuits is currently looking to recruit:
Outdoor Instructor Jobs & Education Practitioners
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